Here is Mary Ann – the world’s ugliest woman who undertook absolutely everything to keep her family

This is the life story of Mary Ann who was considered the ugliest woman on Earth

Probably everyone has ever heard about Mary Ann who was considered the ugliest woman in the history. Meanwhile, to everyone’s surprise, her unique appearance was actually caused by her disease. The woman was constantly mocked and criticized by others. But Ann, in fact, was a very strong-willed and determined woman.

In 1874 in London Mary Ann was born to a poor family. Since her early childhood years, Mary worked as nurse. When Ann was 29, she met, fell in love and married Thomas Bevan.

After having four children, at the age of 32, some health problems started to occur. She often had severe headaches and her joints were aching. She always felt exhausted and wasn’t even able to get out of bed, whereas she had to work.

The medicine at that time was not developed enough to diagnose her disease and no one had idea what was happening to her.

In the course of time, the woman’s facial features were distorted and completely changed that she soon became unrecognizable. No one was aware of the disease acromegaly, which is that secretion of growth hormone that she suffered.

Her husband always accepted and supported her, whereas he, unfortunately, passed away very early and the woman was obliged to cope with everything on her own. Since her face was already changed at that time, she had very few opportunities for a job and people were simply afraid of Mary.

She was eager to do absolutely everything in order to keep her family and earn living. One day, she came across an advertisement which said that there would be a contest of the ugliest people and the winner would get a substantial sum of money. Ann immediately decided to take part for the sake of her poor kids.  She was happy to win the prize.

Whereas her life became even harder after the competition. More people started to judge and mock her, but she tolerated that so that her kids wouldn’t die of hunger.

Afterwards, the unique woman worked at a circus located on Coney Island. There, she amused hundreds of people who came to witness the ugliest woman on Earth. She soon became quite popular.

It was a pity that Mary passed away at the age of 59, which was not surprising since people with this disease usually don’t live long.

Though she was regarded the ugliest woman on Earth, Ann, in fact, was a devoted mother who was eager to do anything for the sake of her children.


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