The fate of the puppies, who got stuck in the resin was a foregone conclusion… But then there were those, who decided to change everything 

When it seems, that the situation is completely hopeless and the hours of animal’s life are numbered, then Animal Aid appears and works incredible wonders. And this happens also in this story. 

 Three tiny puppies got caught in the resin. The resin froze and they couldn’t even move. They only cried for help. And, fortunately, they were heard.  

Rescuers had to work hard before they were able to retrieve the puppies from this trap. All this time the puppies were crying and asking for help.  

For three days they constantly bathed them, trying to get rid of the tar. And they had absolutely no confidence, that the kids would survive. But, the crumbs turned out to be real fighters and were not going to give up.  

Look at this incredible salvation and just a magical transformation: 

 It is forbidden to use magic outside the school of wizards, but Animal Aid is not afraid to violate this ban! And that’s great! 

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