Charming woman! The 74-year-old fitness model has taken the web by storm with her sea shot  

74-year-old Joan McDonald started fitness together with her daughter.

The woman had a desire to lose a few extra pounds, but shortly she became attached to sports and realized that she could not imagine her life without sports. Today, the 74-year-old grandmother is a popular fitness model. She had over 900,000 followers on Instagram. Just think about this number.

The woman advises everyone not to despair and carry on attending sports. Joan pleases subscribers with interesting shots. Recently, the beauty shared a sea shot on her Instagram account.

Netizens were ecstatic, praising the woman’s perfect figure. “What legs” “Joan keep it up” “You look amazing” “Gorgeous grandma”

“You are a real inspiration”, “Carry on inspiring us”, “Life is just starting at 70”, and “A charming woman,” wrote the followers. What are you thinking?

How do you spend your free time? Do you go in for sports and how do you feel about Joan’s hobby? Share your point of view in the comments.

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