There is no more amazing thing than seeing 2 police horses’ dance. 

 When the crazy horses began to dance the people were excited 

It is pleasant to see people’s nice dance but it is more pleasant when animals dance. If anyone thinks that it is a joke can watch the video of these crazy animals.

The video became famous and made people laugh. The case took place in Netherlands during the dance class of the instructor named Fiek Vanderharst and her students.

The viewers also noticed two policemen on the horses during the dance who were controlling the area at that time. It was very interesting and amusing.

The dance teacher wrote on her Facebook that she had never expected such an amazing case during her lesson. The officers with the horses decided to participate in the dance giving fun and happiness to the people.

It was really unbelievable but the animals and their owners liked the music and were completely involved in it. Their dance with the group was fantastic.

One of the observers took this nice video which later became popular on the social media giving joy and fun to the viewers.

The video was shared by Vanderharst and then quickly was spread all over the world.

There were some people who criticised the police workers for their dance saying that they had no right to forget about their work. It is obvious that a great number of people have bad attitude towards the policemen especially in the States, but there are really kind and funny policemen in our world.

One of the users gave the explanation for the horses’ action saying that they are dressage horses who are trained in special ways and can move their legs or body easily.

The teacher thanked everyone for their support because if viewers didn’t share their video it wouldn’t become famous.

She said that during one week the video was seen by many people from all parts of Europe and even America.

It gave a lot of fun and joy to the viewers so after watching it you can’t keep your laugh.

Here is the video of this fantastic scene.

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