In the absence of the lioness, the father lion tried to take care of his cubs, but it is not an easy task  

Everything mothers do, fathers will never do

Humans are not the only ones who take care about their children. It’s common in wildlife as well.

This father lion had to look after his babies until their mother returned. She had been attacked by another lioness and got many serious injuries. She was in the recovery process and had to leave her babies for some time.

For the father it was challenging to take care of the cubs, as it was his first experience.

Although the lion did his best to provide them with everything they needed, it was quite difficult.

The cubs didn’t listen to their father and when he wanted to take them somewhere they cried strongly.

The poor lion didn’t know how to satisfy them.

The scene was captured by photographer Linda Smit, who told that the father was having a lot of trouble, because he had never come across such a case.

Everything seemed normal until the cubs bit his tail and he got angry.

Finally, their mother came back and made both the father and her cubs happy.

Poor babies! How much they missed their mother.

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