“What a precious moment to experience!”: The emotional confession of a pilot during a flight delighted everyone

The pilot’s confession during a flight won the hearts of millions of people

During one of the flights of an American Capital Airlines, the pilot noted that among the passengers there was a unique one and then politely asked to raise hands to those who was a flight attendant.

Believe it or not, the answer came from an elderly passenger who was a flight companion more than 6 decades ago. The pilot who made the announcement, rushed to come closer to the old woman and whisper in her ear “I love you, mom”.

His mother immediately burst into tears and couldn’t control her emotions. The elderly woman added that his father, that is her husband was a well-known and highly respected pilot. It should be noted that the heartwarming video gained over 20 million views.

Some left such comments as “Well done, man”, “Each and every mother should be appreciated and highly praised”, “For our parents we will always remain children”.

“You did the right thing to express your limitless love and respect towards your precious mother!”.

“I am a pilot and I surprised my mother as well giving her a bunch of emotions”.


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