Incredible photos “Then and Now” showing that time flies at a lightning speed

Looking at these photos one realizes how fast time flies in front of our eyes

It should be noted that nowadays people who take dozens or even hundreds of photos and selfies per day get not only pleasure but also memory and the evidence that time actually passes at a lightning speed. Many can’t believe their eyes while looking at their or their relatives’ or friends’ childhood photos realizing that decades have already passed. Sometimes, only by looking at our archival photos, do we realize how fast time passes leaving only memories and traces of the past.

Here are represented 22 interesting photos showing how fast time flies in front of our eyes.

They have taken the same common photo since 2012.

The touching wedding photo and one of the anniversaries of this charming couple!

A slight different, just 4,3 feet!

30 years after this man appeared with his orange suitcase. The suitcase has remained the same, whereas the man has noticeably changed.

How fast she grew up!

How this adorable puppy has changed within 2 years.

The place is the same but the family has considerably changed.

Since their wedding in 2013, this couple has taken a new photo with the former one.

The same cat at sixth weeks and sixth months! Amazing!

The clear-cut difference between these photos is 13 years!

This iconic couple has been happily married for already 48 years, believe it or not!

How much the kitten has changed! Incredible!

It’s the same shelf, yet a doggie has noticeably changed within four months.

How the spouses look now and at their 17 on their first date.

The great man recreated his archival photo taken in youth! How interesting!

After about 17 years!

An adorable little kitten with innocent eyes has turned into a serious and brutal cat.

Successfully recreated his childhood photo in front of their house.

From childhood to adulthood! The spouses have been inseparable for already a long period of time.

Happily finding their old car, the brothers decided to recreate their childhood photo.

89 years difference! Her precious granny and her in the same place.

The way this family has changed over the years amazes everyone!

We are waiting for your own photos “then and now” in the comments below!

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