Tender Moment: Kitty’s Loving Gesture Melts Hearts Online as Owners Share a Special Bond

The family was holding hands with their beloved kitty 🐱🥲

A touching photo was shared on the Internet of a sweet kitty holding his humans’ hands while they were on their way to the clinic.

The picture captured the family and their kitty holding hands when they were going to the vet almost for the last time. Little Andrew spent all his life with his loving owners and family.

His owner wrote, that the kitty hold their hands during their trip to the vet and he appeared to be stronger than his owners.

He was already 15 and a half years old and liked everyone, but his health became worse in the previous year. The man told, that the puppy purred all his life and when he stopped he clearly understood it was time. He also told, that losing a pet is a hard thing.

The post received almost 280 comments, where people shared their stories of losing their beloved animals. And others also experienced sympathy for the man.

One of the commentators wrote, that it’s an amazing thing, that the animals perfectly understand they are going on their last trip to the vet.

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