“The incredible story of the Siamese twins”: This is how the unique Hensel sisters look and live today

Here are the Siamese twin-sisters now! Look how they have changed since then

Today’s incredible and phenomenal story is about the absolutely unique Siamese twins whose parents were simply terrified of the thought of the operation to separate them.

It should be noted that regardless of their unique and extremely rare condition, the inseparable sisters were absolutely healthy and could manage to survive during difficult times in their life. The sisters Abby and Brittany got used to being inseparable and doing absolutely everything together.

It is relevant to mention that in spite of their condition, they two have absolutely different characters and don’t really have a lot in common. Unlike Brittany who is fond of hanging out with her friends, Abby feels more comfortable being at home and watching films.

However much their interests varied, the twins could always find compromise. The only thing that now makes them sometimes disagree with each other is clothes.

It is worth mentioning that the girls prioritize education and they passed the final exams with excellent results.

The twins are currently teaching at elementary schools. The children and other people they work with adore the Siamese sisters.


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