A unique baby elephant of pink skin color was found among other ordinary elephants

A very extraordinary and exclusive pink-albino baby elephant was born in South Africa. The animal was easily spotted due to its rare skin color that is rather distinctive among other African grey elephants. The baby was first seen in a ranger where other elephants came for drinking water and taking baths. The little elephant was noticed by an old man who assured that kind of baby elephant is extremely outlandish and special and we have hardly seen anything like that before. The baby effortlessly gained photographers’ full attention, immediately became the main topic of discussions and awareness as well as an object of admiration.


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As to most experts’ investigations, the baby suffered from albinism which was caused by a lack of pigmentation of animal’s skin. The animal could have had bad eyesight or even could have been blind. Whereas it was lucky enough to only have skin color disorder.

Due to their atypical appearance, albino animals are often neglected and not accepted by their herds. Happily, in this case, a baby received a lot of support and understanding.

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