Eleven years ago, the man’s daughter gave him the best gift ever, and it remains his favorite to this day

What a strong bond!

Meet Tinga, a cute catty, who was brought to the Jack Smith’s family about eleven years ago by his daughter, and he is the lovely member of the family to this day.
The cutie was stray and the kind girl decided to take care about him and took him home.

But after some time, the girl moved to another city, leaving the catty with her father. She knew that the animal was in the safe hands, and the man would be a caring dad for him.

They connected with each other strongly. When the daddy gets up early in the morning to go to work, Tinga jumps in his bed and begs kisses and cuddles from his human.

The same thing happens when the man returns home from work: the cute catty greets him at the door and starts to meow asking for cuddles.

Tinga follows the man everywhere he goes, and his owner doesn’t seem to mind. He adores his lovely pet and is so grateful to his
daughter for such an amazing present.

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