The girl’s wish became true. She just started to cry out of happiness

An inexplicable happiness. The girl’s reaction was the best 🐱❤️👧

A little girl named Marley Frost was given a new rescue kitten and she just became very touched. The girl started crying after seeing her present in her mother’s hands, a little kitty.

The girl’s mother captured her reaction. She just started crying and also holding and kissing the kitten.

When the girl’s mother saw the kitty she immediately considered doing a surprise for Marley, as it was almost similar to her beloved kitty named Simon. They already had two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig.

The girl’s mother told, that the girl was asking for the cat since her beloved Simon passed away last year. Marley adores animals and she even donated all her money to the pet store.

The girl entered into her bedroom after school and noticed a basket, from where kitten voice was coming. She opened it and understood it wad a rescue one.

The girl took the kitten out and named her Ella. She cuddled the kitten while crying.

She was still a kitten when she was saved and she needed to be bottle-fed, as she didn’t have a mother.

The girl’s mother didn’t plan to take another kitten, but she also considers certain things must happen.

The girl thanked her mother a lot.

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