The heroism of a dog who rescued a human life without hesitation amazed the whole world

Sometimes all one needs is a dog as a best friend

It’s common to say that dogs are people’s best friends. Very often you can’t fully rely on your surrounding people’s help but dogs won’t let you down even a second.

This article is about Holi who is a German Shepherd and belongs to a family living in Florida. The case happened to the youngest member of that family, Moly. Her life was saved due to our lovely Holi.

While playing Moly noticed a gopher snake near to her but couldn’t do anything. Holi saw and rescued her life just putting itself in danger.

There was a need to gather much money to buy antitoxin and anything connected with medical care.

The fundraising helped to gather $15.000 only in a day. The day after it more than $50.000 was collected. Due to that the dog’s life was saved. This story is a proof of the fact that dogs are our best friends.

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