A black cat named Lucifer is paralyzed and he spends all his time encouraging other animals at the veterinary clinic

A cat, whose name is Lucifer lives in veterinary clinic in Perm, Russia.  

Instead, he not only lives there, bit also works. 

The clinic staff call the black graceful cat their family member, as he is doing a very essential job. 

Handsome Lucifer, which is black as night appeared in the clinic with a broken spin-his behind legs were paralyzed. 

How understands what it means to be disabled, left alone and condemned. 

Maybe thats why he as he was able to walk, he wanted to communicate. 

Once, the clinic staff saw, that sitting next to another disordered animal he began to purr audibly, as it seemed to calm the animal. 

Doctors make certain, that being next to the black cat, other animals feel a lot more casual and peaceful. 

The workers showed many pictures, showing how Lucifer works. These dogs couldn’t cool off until the furry specialist was next to the cage. 

Moreover, the black cat turned out to be reputable donor of the clinic-his blood had already saved a great number of lives. 

And also everyone could claim, that Lucifer is just a lovely cat. 

His big green eyes are charismatic, his black fur shimmers. 

The clinic staff opened an official account on the Internet. 

And the black cat became known all over the Internet. He even occur in commercials. 

During bad times all of us need someone’s attention, care and passion. 

And sometimes animals feel it better than people. 

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