A strong dog mother, who was able to keep her babies warm and safe

Mother’s care is the most important thing in our lives 

It’s very hard for mother dogs to live on the street, because they not only had to think about their own safety, but also their babies’.

And they will do everything to safeguard their children or to wait for assistance.

And happily there are always generous people, who are ready to assist such animals. The rescue staff received a call, that a family of street dogs needed assistance.

The people, who called the animal rights activists told, that they had fed them and gave a cardboard box, as it rained heavily the previous evening.

The mother cat kept her babies warm and safe in a small box.

When the rescuers arrived she understood that their mission is to give her and her babies a better life. Finally the rescuers managed to get her into their car and take her into a safe place.

Now the mother dog and her babies are no longer strays. The puppies were all feeling good and healthy. We’re trying to find a safe and loving place for them.

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