The nurse did something exciting, after one of her patients left the world. So touching!

That’s really heartbreaking!

Kimberly is a kind and caring lady, who works at a hospital in Georgia as a nurse. She is very caring towards all her patients, but once she created a strong bond with a sick woman, whose health condition was extremely serious.

The woman didn’t have a family, relatives and even friends, the only thing she had was her lovely Chihuahua, so she was concerned about him: what would happen with him if she passed away?

When the woman left the world, the nurse sent her dog to the shelter, but she was so worried about his future. And she did a touching action: she hurried to the shelter to adopt the cutie.

She wanted to do something good for her beloved patient and adopting her doggy and giving him a forever home would be the best thing she could have done.

The lady began to take care about the little animal and provided him with everything he needed.

Thank you for your kindness, Kimberly!

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