Animals never stop to surprise us. A sweet dog, who worked as a “traffic enforcer”

A very courageous puppy, who wants to thank people that assisted him

Animals always continue to surprise us. Do you consider you have seen everything? We are sure it will be a big surprise for you. This is a sweet dog, who might have worked as a “traffic enforcer” in a previous life.

The dog lives in Turkey and is called Kuppata and he has become well known here. And the main thing is that the puppy assists children pass the street every day. And all the photos were taken in Atlanta by a man named Bekka.

Children wait the cars to stop in order to pass the street, then a perplexing puppy turns out at the crosswalk and assists the courageous child passing the road.

It became known, that the dog does this every day, he works like a traffic enforcer. At first he was just a homeless dog, but the neighbourhood began to look after him.

The puppy tries to show gratitude towards them by such a kind service. Such an occasion won’t happen every day. He is a very courageous puppy.

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