A monkey became well known on Facebook after looking after for a dog

Sweet monkey, who recognises a dog with her own children

A monkey residing in the city called Errode became well known on Facebook after looking after a dog. Someone posts the photos of animals on the Internet. The monkey circled the dog with love.

And when they jump from on branch to another, the monkey never loses the puppy’s sight. And also she feeds him by giving him things, such as a bunch of grapes. And when people brought a bowl of milk for them, she allowed the dog eat first.

The person, who shared their photos told: “People, who see them together often have the opinion that their devotion is mutual.” He also thought, that the monkey’s babies, which she recognises with the dog had obviously passed away.

These monkeys can be seen in Pakistan, South China, Indochina countries and India.

These breeds’ females have one baby after being pregnant for 165 days and they look after them for a year.

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