“Flabbiness of her hands betrayed her real age”: Bellucci was caught without photo filters

This is what Italian actress Bellucci actually looks like without any filters

In September, Bellucci celebrates her 58t birthday, but it is utterly impossible to believe in its truth as the woman remains the icon of femininity and style. On contrary to most of her colleagues and other celebrities, she prefers to get older in a natural way without turning to surgeries or beauty procedures.

The diva was recently caught in an event and looked simply gorgeous: brown smoky eyes, wavy hair and blush on her cheeks. But there is no need to mention that, as she is soon going to turn 60, some age-related changes have already appeared.

The actress herself confesses that she is well aware of the fact she definitely doesn’t look as beautiful and as fresh as she looked before. Whereas taking care of yourself, according to the diva, is essential.

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