A sweet photo of a boy napping with his beloved cow after the competition

The cow became well known with the help of a photo with his owner

A teenager named Sam recently took part in a big competition in the state of Iowa with his beloved cow Auvo. They had been practicing and worked hard for it and were fifth out of seven awards.

His father captured them and then he shared the photo to his social media account and received a lot of love and support. The photo received almost 16000 likes in a day.

The boy’s mother thought animals are very important in life, as they are always next to them. She and her husband grew up in a farm, but most of their lives they have lived in the city.

Now they live on a farm where they can feel themselves in a real village environment for the day to make sure their children never lose sight of their rural roots.

Auvo came back to her family’s farm after the competition and has done not only a lot of hard work, but also became a true star on the Internet, which is much more important than being in the first place in the competition.

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