A sweet dog with never ending smile, who doesn’t have a bad day

A cute and small dog, who doesn’t look his age

Many of his neighbours liked Bacca for his all the time happiness. And the owners of the dog make fun of him saying as he can change any occasion into a celebration, he doesn’t have a bad day.

Even when he is napping he seems joyful. The owners of Bacca adore going on long walks. And when Bacca goes camping with them he wears his headgear to look a big camper. You might consider Bacca isn’t okay since he’s always smiling, but in fact he is just a simple dog with endless hope.

The dog’s owners also know, that he needs a spacial attention. But the most amazing fact about him is that he is almost nine years old.

He sometimes gets mistaken for a puppy as he has a small height and pleasing behaviour.

But by human standards he is already in his sixties. But he is still very funny.

When he is overjoyed he likes to whirl. It’s difficult not to be delighted by the dog’s positive energy. Isn’t it sweet?

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