The saddest dog in the world does not have the same personality as her appearance

What a sad look!

Meet Madame Eyebrows, the saddest bulldog in the world, who looks so unhappy due to the unusual colour of her face.
Everyone in real life and on social media is attracted by her amazing appearance.

Nature has given this dog prominent human-like eyebrows, which makes her facial expression sad and unhappy.

Although her face always shows sadness, in reality she is so funny and energetic and entertains those around her.

Thanks to her unique appearance, the bulldog is so famous in the world and has thousands of followers on Instagram, who enjoy the way she looks.

She is always in the centre of everyone’s attention and entertains her surroundings.

Although her human parents do their best to cheer her up, she never shows it, but they are sure Madame Eyebrows is so grateful to them for what they do for her.

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