This Dog Looks Like As if She’s Been Disappointed From Life for a Long Time But It Seems So Because of Her Eyebrows

An English Bulldog named Madame Eyebrows is very cheerful, lively and friendly. But if you look at her face you will see all the sadness and humility of our world on her cute muzzle and everything because of the dark spots over the eyes of the dog which are difficult not to mistake for her eyebrows. And they are located in such a way that it seems that the baby is always very sad. At first the owner of the eyebrowed pretty girl didn’t notice such a unique feature in the puppy when she obtained her. And now she has her sad-but-not-really doggy profile on Instagram, which has become very popular. We suggest you to admire this cheerful madam who looks like a sad clown. Very often the appearance can be deceiving.

But if you try even Madame Eyebrows can be cheered!

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