“There is no better bond on Earth”: Netizens found no words to describe the beautiful bond between the star and her heiress

Catherine Zeta-Jones shared a heart-felt photo with her 19-year-old daughter

Legendary British actress C. Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas are currently raising their two children.

The heartwarming photo the iconic film star has recently shared with her followers showing her and her daughter posing for Fendi advertisement gently snuggling and showing affection towards each other touched absolutely everyone. Her adorable daughter Caris was in a caramel-colored T-shirt and brown pants, while Catherine was wearing a black mini skirt and an elegant blouse.

As the outstanding actress admits, one of her most favorite things to do is to spend much time and have a lot of fun with her darling daughter, especially in a shopping season.

There is no need to add that those who saw the heart-felt photo showing the inseparable and precious bond between the mother and her daughter immediately came into delight and sincerely admired their charm and elegance.

This is how the netizens reacted.

“The most special bond on Earth is undoubtedly between a mother and a daughter”, “How adorable they are, I can’t!”, “There is no better bond than that of between parents and their children”, “What a beautiful moment to witness”, “Two sweethearts in one photo”, “Their love is something out of this world”.

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