The staff was surprised to find that the stray dog was reluctant to leave the trash can

He needs to be loved by people!

When the rescue team was informed about a stray dog spotted in a trash can, they hurried to help him. When the staff arrived there, they noticed that the dog felt calm and peace in his place and didn’t want to leave it.

Although the dog welcomed the rescuers with happiness, he stayed in the same place, as if he had something important there.

Finally, the staff managed to persuade the dog to come with them. The canine began to trust the humans and became calmer and more confident.

When he was taken to the shelter, the staff provided him with everything he needed, but he still wanted to return to his favourite place.

Now the dog feels safe and comfortable under the strong care of the rescue team. But the cutie needs to be adopted by a forever home in order to get a lot of love and care from his humans.

He is very loving and affectionate and loves to make new friends. He will become a devoted pet for his future family.

We are sure that he will be adopted by kind people very soon.

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