A boy with Williams syndrome forms an emotional bond with a horse

This horse is able to find a mutual language with kids having special needs.

The following story is one of the most motivational ones you will read today. Let’s get through this. “I’ve been working with horses for 15 years now and I couldn’t believe in the sensitive intelligence of a horse and how a horse is able to find a mutual language with kids having special needs. This is the new horse here. “My son agonizes from Williams syndrome and is one of 150 patients with this disorder in Israel. One of the hardships that people with this syndrome have is socializing properly with others.

They are very loving as well as affectionate, enjoying the attention but frequently fail to bond. The clip demonstrates the boy’s inner connection with the horse and how the horse reacts to the child’s curiosity with some anxiety but nevertheless restrains it and gets used to the speed as well as the naturalness of the child’s moves. The kid seems thrilled about this encounter, and the horse allows him to cuddle. The horse specifically approached the kid, even though I was close, and he was not at all interested in me.

“When I got home and checked the clip, I understood the strength of this son and horse second. The horse followed every movement of the kid but allowed the latter to approach and get close to him. When the boy grabbed his leg and approached him, the horse did not dare to change his position, as if he was frightened of hurting himself or stepping on the child all the time that the child was near him.

You could see how the horse was attentive toward the child, even when it seemed that he was just standing and having a rest. The horse did not move his forepart leg, although it was less cozy for him. We would be thankful if you could share an incredible clip in order to bring to light Williams syndrome in Israel as well as around the world. The children with this syndrome are angels of love and one of them is my beloved son Erez. This is devoted to you my boy, the boy who converted my life and made my world permanently. I love you.”

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