This hero dog found 7 canines in the wood and decided to become their mother

This dog is called to assist other creatures and animals of all kinds.

Meet Benner, a very generous Siberian Husky who is 3. He not only assists his master with health problems but has an exceptional talent as well. When it comes to rescuing animals in need, things are excellent. Check Banner’s incredible story as she rescues seven ignored canines and made up her mind to become their mother.

A service dog alerted her master, Whitney, to something weird in the woods.

Not so long ago, Banner takes Whitney out of the house to a quiet location where they detect a sealed cardboard box.

There was a heartening view inside. Seven ignored canines are newborns.

“Someone must have just placed them into a cardboard box, closed the lid tight, and left them there to die.”

“They possibly thought no one would ever know. I don’t even know how Banner understood they were there. The canines were cold and didn’t meow nothing.”

“It makes me sick that someone was able to do this to these tiny, sinless creatures. So brutal and heartless.”

From that moment on, Banner did not leave the canines and adopted them as her own.

“She’s very maternal.”

“I am so happy that currently, with the help of Banner, these tiny creatures will live in loving families.”

Banner is a true hero, called to assist other creatures and animals of all kinds. She has her own Instagram and Facebook accounts as well with thousands of followers. Check them for updates on the growth of the canines.

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