What Kind of Talent!  The Most Dramatic Cat in the World Conquered the Netizens

Anyone who is fortunate enough to live in the same house with a cat or dog can attest that sometimes pets showն amazing acting skills.

The hero of our today’s story is a real champion of the dramatic game.  He is so good at acting that the owners even opened a social media page for him.

Meet Ai Fei the cutie.

Just look at his tragic cutie whose proper place is in the theater bug not at home!

By the way the catty can boast of a large audience of subscribers the number of which has already exceeded 15 thousand.

Just take a look at what he’s willing to go for a treat.

And in this photo he demonstrates his fighting skills.

But the most spectacular cuties are the cute little offenders.

We hope that learning about Ai Fei the cutie at least slightly cheered you up.  If so, write in the comments.

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