«The first time such a tasteless appearance!» Tina Kunakey made a splash at Paris Fashion Week with her outfit

«Dressed like a real man!»🤦🏻‍♀️🧔🏻‍♂️Apparently Tina is not worried about her ex-husband’s new romance👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💞After her divorce, the model finally returned to Fashion Week wearing the strangest outfit and leaving fans perplexed👔😨See her look, in the article⬇️

After Vincent Cassel deleted photos together with Tina Kunakey, one of the most attractive couples of our time disappeared. It was difficult to predict the course of events in this regard, since there was always an element of spontaneity in their history. But even the separation of Vincent and Tina itself happened almost instantly, in one day.

Insiders claim that the reason for the breakup was Tina’s betrayal. Despite numerous requests for forgiveness from Tina, Vincent Cassel turned out to be adamant. During that period, the paparazzi were able to photograph Kunakey several times, who was literally crying on the street. Even at public events, the model looked lost. Almost a year later, a new stage began in the model’s life. Tina and Vincent were able to reach an agreement regarding joint care of their common daughter.

Tina finally confirmed her return at Paris Fashion Week, impressing everyone with her look. The girl enthusiastically attended shows and looked simply gorgeous at each of them. One of her looks was her voluminous trouser suit, which, thanks to Tina’s natural beauty, did not seem too strict. It is interesting to note that she was with an unknown man at the show. Thus, it is possible that Tina has a new companion.

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