A cute cat with vision problems, who didn’t seem to mind it

Amazing relationships between a kitty and her new owners 

A local resident discovered a blind cat named July and took her to the shelter. The cat was unhealthy and had difficulties with her vision. But her vision problems didn’t seem to bother her in any way.

She was all by herself. And soon a volunteer named Hollie took July in and took care of her until she was ready for adoption. Although having vision problems, July was active and just like other cats.

She took the chance to run around the house. The cat’s story was shared on Facebook in order to help her find a loving forever home.

Happily a loving couple, who read July’s story quickly considered to adopt her without even seeing her, giving her the loving home she deserves.

They had a very nice relationship, as July immediately went into her new owner’s hands after seeing her. She jumped onto her father’s shoulders and stayed still for some time. Now July lives with her new owners in their house.

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