An amazingly popular cat, who became well known for his extraordinary look

A unique cat, who lacks signs of cat behaviour 

This funny cat’s name is Fendi. He is very popular on Instagram and has a lot of followers around the world. His photos have been used in many publications.

Fendi became popular for his extraordinary look. It’s difficult to withstand a sweet cat with all the time surprised look on his face.

Nobody knows the root is his extraordinary appearance.

A homeless cat brought two kittens to Nata. Fendi didn’t want to play and always lied. But the daughter was able to help him and also the neighbour’s cat, who demonstrated amazing acts of love and care, looked after Fendi.

It’s almost three years from the moment Fendi appeared. He just managed to climb up onto the ledge and didn’t have other options of cat behaviour.

But his owner loves him the most and cherishes a lot. She was linked to him and didn’t understand how he became so popular.


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