The dog that once had to sleep on the garage floor now has a comfortable bed with all the amenities

What a great change in life!

Meet Lily, an adorable pit-bull, who had a rough life and never got attention from her humans. She was found by some rescuers and saved. The poor animal had to sleep on the garage floor and felt unhappy.

The rescuers were excited by her attitude towards them. She welcomed them with happiness and immediately socialised with them. The first thing the staff did was taking her to a vet for checkup.

Then the cutie was taken to a foster home and after staying there for several months, she was adopted by Charlotte, a kind woman.

Lily befriended with her very quickly and they became inseparable. The adorable dog found a cosy bed for her and started a new life with her caring owner.

Now she sleeps wherever she wants: it may be on the couch, in the bed or just on the floor.

Lily is a loving and funny dog. She is so grateful to those, who made her life better and happier.

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