«All eyes on her!»: Maya Hawke’s enchanting appearance at the Film Festival left no one indifferent

The retro-inspired look of Hawke at the Film Festival drew everyone’s attention 😳😍

Few know Maye Hawke (24), the heiress of legendary film stars U. Thurman and E. Hawke. Her spectacular appearance at the Film Festival pleasantly surprised everyone there.

The retro-inspired image of the «Stranger Things» star was highly appreciated by everyone there. Her gorgeous floor-length strapless gown with a full skirt captured the others’ special attention.

To complement her iconic image, the charming girl opted fashionable turquoise gloves and latex boots. Her vibrant makeup with smoky eyes perfectly suited her image.

The final touch of her unforgettable look became the luxurious diamond necklace which didn’t overload her image at all. Instead, it perfectly accentuated her charm.

The outstanding star posed together with A. Brody and H. David. She looked absolutely happy and proud of her spectacular appearance.

She met British entrepreneur R. Friend trying to imitate the gala dance on the red carpet.

Her magnificent appearance at the event let no single one remain indifferent. It quickly became the subject of discussions on the network.

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