Here’s the most beautiful and attractive dog in the world, who enjoys being in the centre of attention

It’s the world’s cutest dog!

Meet Xeno, a four-year-old dog, who was born in Romania and is considered the most beautiful and attractive dog in the world.
He is famous all over the world and always remains in the centre of people’s attention.

Although the dog weighs more than 100 kg, he is very attractive and thanks to his amazing look, he has collected 400 awards. He has travelled many different countries with his beloved owner and continues to enjoy popularity everywhere.

No one knows how difficult it is to keep such a pretty dog. It’s a great job and only pet owners will understand that having such a famous dog and taking care about him perfectly is really challenging.

This wonderful dog is everyone’s favourite not only in real life, but also on social media.
Nature never stops surprising us with such stunning creatures.

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