A 9-Year-Old Redhead Milo Fell into Depression and the Owner Decided to Get a Kitten for Him. Their Meeting Changed the Cat’s Life

“A depressed cat” is one of the few expressions in the world that sounds so sad. This is exactly what happened to the 9-year-old redhead cutie of a Tik-Tok user Brittany Tavares who is nicknamed as Milo. The girl tried many methods of restoring the spirit of her pet but he was still grieving.

One day Brittany came up with a very reasonable idea because in some things the cat and she are not very different. So she thought that what once improved her life might work for Milo as well. So she decided to obtain a kitten for her cat and fortunately it worked!

This is Milo who is 9 years old and he missed something …

The cutie has some kind of feline depression.

His owner’s name is Brittany Tavares who noticed sadness on the pettie’s face.

It’s worth noting that Brittany is a fitness instructor, an athlete and a social media marketing consultant, and her pace of life is probably not perfectly synchronized with the caring for her ginger friend.

This conclusion can be made by counting how many times Milo appears on her Instagram.

Milo had to be saved from depression!

Brittany decided on a simple but a very effective way. She obtained one more kitten!

Hey fam!!! Meet our new addition to the familia.

This is our blue-eyed chocolate Scottish Fold. His name is Zebro. Milo needs a brother! What do you think of this little bugger?!

As you can imagine, Zebro wasn’t as important for the girl as for Milo.

Zebro is the most charming cutie and we think that it’s impossible not to love him.

@brittnaaay My cat is a goof. Where are my crazy cat lovers !? 🐈 ❤️ #catsoftiktok #fyp #funny #foryoupage #laugh #foryou ♬ Inside Their Head – TT remix

Don’t be surprised that Zebro suddenly became an adult in the video.  because Brittany didn’t have a second kitten just a few days before but last May.

Almost a year later Brittany posted a video about how Milo and Zebro live now.

@brittnaaay I promise this will be worth watching to keep things positive ☺️ #animals #fyp #catsoftiktok #foryou #cats ♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

A story told by the video captions:

My 9 year old cat got depressed and we got a friend for him. They have become best friends and they started to do everything together. Zebro has become a great addition to our family. He constantly makes us laugh. Even when we are sad these two cuties give each other lots of love. Isn’t that cute?”- tells the mistress.

So, if you wanted to know what a safe remedy for depression looks like here it is.

It will work for 100% even if you are a cat.

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