The unusually weighty puppy went a full transformation thanks to caring vets

A difficult situation happened to a puppy was successfully treated by the vets 

The puppy named Tevor was gaining weight and his owner named Frans was worried for it. And after a little time the puppy began to grow a lot and looked like a barrel on short legs.

The owner of the puppy took him to the vet, but the doctors were also perplexed to see such a thing.

The vets considered to keep the animal in the clinic to do more accurate and through examination, as the dog had some difficulties bloating.

It was vital to find the reason for the bloating and how the air got into his body.

The vets became absolutely overjoyed after finding the reason and treating the puppy. Tevor received needed treatment and the abdominal air was expelled.

The size of the puppy normalised and he felt much better after all the treatment. He was able to smile with a delighted expression on his face. But we must say, that the adorable puppy looked beautiful in both poses and it didn’t make him less attractive.

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