«Terminator’s ex-wife then and now»: This is how legendary actor Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife looks and lives now

Here is the «Terminator» star’s ex-wife who has changed beyond recognition over time

It is needless to mention that the Terminator star’s ex-wife M. Shriver had a lot of opportunities to rise to overall fame and recognition. Her sparkling eyes and desirable appearance endowed by her ancestors drove everyone crazy.

She was born to a Kennedy family descendant in 1955 and from her early childhood her parents were already concerned about her education and future. They planned that she would go into politics like the other members of their dynasty did.

However, Maria saw herself as a journalist and took a great interest in the sphere of journalism.  Soon, she met Schwarzenegger whom she dated for nine years, yet their marriage didn’t last long.

The ex-legendary spouses had two sons and two daughters. Schwarzenegger was already world-renowned at that time and Maria became a popular correspondent. When the man became the governor of California, she was called the First Lady.

Many were wondering what the reason for their divorce was. However surprising it might seem, the prominent actor had an affair with the housekeeper.

It goes without saying that his wife was left speechless and could hardly accept her husband’s treachery even though the man apologized for thousands of times.

Currently, they live separate lives and keep in touch with only for the sake of their children.

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