The cat always gives presents to his owner, but the father is not satisfied. That’s interesting!

What strange gifts!

Cats are really cute and loving and they are strongly devoted to their owners. Each of them has its own way to express love and gratitude to its human.

Our today’s hero, an amazing cat named Edna, wants to please his owner, but his presents are rejected by the dad each time, and he cannot understand why.

Every morning Edna brings strange gifts for the man, such as lizards, mice or birds, but it doesn’t please him, and the owner’s reaction strongly surprises the cat.

In order not to hurt the animal, the daddy starts to play with the leaves which are also brought by the cat.

Seeing that his human loves to play with them, Edna gives a lot of leaves during their walks, hoping that his dad will accept them with happiness.

This case shows how loving cats are and they always bring joy to their families.

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