A very curious cat, who adores being in the spotlight

Sweet kitten, who enjoys playing and getting into the tightest places

This is a very sweet kitten with extraordinary eyes. Almost 250000 people are in love with him. And day by day he receives more and more followers. And you may find the reason for this.

The reason is in his suddenness, funny actions and adorable appearance. He was adopted by his owner named Ray two years ago. And he was just a year old. She immediately fell in love with him and Ray soon understood, that she was the only one who could return him to his family.

He is an active and curious cat. He is very interesting and adores being in the middle of attention. The owner told: “He adores interruptions. He enjoys playing in the sink when I’m having a shower.”

He enjoys playing and getting into tightest of hiding places. He has Facebook and Youtube accounts. Even he even has a fan page.

Ray organised a non profit organisation to help animals, that don’t have place to live. And she was able to donate 4000$ to a sanctuary.

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