A dress made by 343 fancywork artists. People from different countries worked on this masterpiece

The dress is demonstrated in a variety of museums as well as galleries.

Fancywork is one of the ancient handicrafts and not only women but men as well were occupied in it. Fancywork is wonderful because it’s totally various from person to person and has its own exceptional and unique style. British artist Kirsty McLeod made up her mind to capture the multiplicity of this handicraft and did it for thirteen years.

Kirsty had an idea to make a dress that would be able to reflect the art of fancywork of various nations of our world. Thus, the special project “Red Dress” originated.

Kirsty went throughout the world with pieces of tissue on which artists throughout the world left their fancywork. She then sewed them together in order to make an incredible dress that became a true triumph.

The journey of the dress started in 2009, and in 13 years the outfit has traveled to 46 countries. Totally, 343 artists were able to work on the dress. Some were refugees, others were artisans who had learned traditional fancywork in the family, and still, others were new to this sphere.

The dress has appeared in Turkey, Africa and South America, Mexico, and other countries. The artists were asked to make works that would be the expression of their personality, as well as mirror the cultural experience as well as customs of the handicraft.

When the path of the dress was over, a real work of art was sewn from it. Featuring an exclusive button-down bodice, long sleeves, a full skirt as well as a statement train. This work of art was made from 84 pieces of fabric that were sewn by the hands of artists from various locations of the world. Clothing designs are motivated by the stories of fancywork, the life experiences of artists, the past of their country, and their families.

The outfit came out amazing and priceless. Because it united absolutely different cultures, erased the boundaries between them, and created an interlocution of national identity through fancywork.

And, after that, the destiny of this work of art is decided. It has another massive journey ahead of it, only now not in parts, but in complete form. The “Red Dress” project travels the world and is demonstrated in a variety of museums as well as galleries.

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