An amazing idea of a bride and groom on their wedding day

The couple gave a big amount to the shelter for stray dogs

The love of the bride and groom wasn’t the only reason they met each other, but also their both love for stray animals. The couple’s wedding was pet free and they live together with two amazing canines and two sweet kitties.

And as the couple knew how many animals are still in need of homes they organised a photoshoot with dogs, not flowers. Each bridesmaid got a sweet puppy from the nearby shelter.

The poster tells: “All you need is love and dogs.” We wish to stop the never ending abandonment of newborn puppies by sharing these images.

The bride told: “People must understand, that animal shelters are full of sweet animals in need of loving homes.” All of the puppies included in the pictures were rescued from the shelter and her idea worked well.

After collecting money from their wedding, the couple gave a big amount to the shelter, which gave them the opportunity to take dogs for the wedding.

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