A sweet pig was adopted, as he wouldn’t survive in the wild, as he don’t have a mother

Sweet relationships between a pig and dogs, who looked after him

One day a gardener discovered a wild boar baby. The baby was very small, almost a few months old. The pig wouldn’t survive in the wild not having a mother.

Alia didn’t know what was going to happen. The first days went very easily. The pig ate warm mill from a neighbouring cow and took a bath in a warm water.

The woman carried on, although Alia told, that the boat wouldn’t survive. The boar started to recover after she added to puppy formula for her milk.

He must have hygiene training and also do water procedures every day. The pig was raised in a warm and sweet household.

He grew up in a sweet atmosphere with the owner’s dogs, who perfectly looked after him. And as Alia had four dogs, the pig wasn’t alone. He became a sociable and active pig. Yesiu and Alia are living together.

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