Despite having eyesight problems, this amazing catty was spotted by humans and got what she dreamed of

Blind, but strongly affectionate!

Meet July, a cute cat with eyesight problems, who was found by a passerby and was sent to a shelter. The poor animal was weak and defenceless, but she was so friendly and affectionate.

After some time, one of the kindhearted volunteers named Hollie decided to take her home and look after her until she would be adopted by a forever family. Although the catty was blind and had other health problems, she was very active and energetic.

Then July’s story was posted on social media in order to find caring owner for her. Fortunately, after a short time, a couple informed the staff that they wanted to adopt the catty without even seeing her. That’s so exciting!

Luckily, the beauty got what she dreamed of and started a new carefree life.

Their first meeting was very affectionate. When the catty saw her future owners, immediately jumped into their arms and gave them lots of cuddles.

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