A unique liger, that is twice the size of a lion or a tiger

A gorgeous mixture between a lion and a tiger

The biggest cat family member is a mixture of a lion and tiger named Enige. Although he is very big, he has a calm and friendly behaviour.

The animal became known after walking in a South Carolina small town with wildlife and animal rights activist Sam Watson and Travis Antle. These videos were shared on Youtube, where they soon became popular.

A former football player, who was amazed by the big cat said: “The kitty is gorgeous, but how much food can a 350 kilogram cat eat.”

He also told, that this liger, a mixture between a tiger and a lion, is twice the size and weigh of tigers and lions, with man’s middle finger sized fangs and a tongue shaped as his forearm.

Such a unique and gorgeous animals isn’t a regular thing to witness every day. This species remind us of earlier animals, that were larger than current animals. We wish this adorable big cat will have a long life and will make all the visitors happy.

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