The deer cub was born lucky, as there was little chance of its survival

A kind volunteer, who rescued the pregnant deer

A volunteer from an animal protection organisation discovered a lonely deer by the side of the road while he was driving down the highway. At first he thought the animal had passed away, but after closer examination he saw a female, who was pregnant.

The volunteer considered a daring step, as there was nothing to lose and he was also carrying instruments. He has studied veterinary medicine and he also has experience doing the operation.

The deer was taken to the vet clinic, as she was carrying a small cub in her womb. The baby carried on making an attempt to go forward. He made all attempt in him to go on.

But the deer wasn’t still able to do so, and it needed to get stronger. Only after that she will be able to went back to the wild. The cub was born lucky, as she seemed to have little chance of carrying on to develop and give birth.

We clearly hope, that he will get well more quickly and that he will be able to get used to life in the forest, like the other animals.

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