An extraordinary demonstration of puppy heroism. This dog rescued his closest companion

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

As a matter of fact, only the heart matters. And this wonderful puppy is clearly a lot.

Not so long ago, the dog named Smokey invited his dog companion Remus to play, but then something horrible occurred. Smokey is not a very good swimmer, so he commonly just jumps the steps of the family pool but on this day, he fell nearly into the depths. Not being able to come back, Smokey was in grave danger of stifling.

The master of Smokey in the house did not spot anything but Remus knew what to do.

In an extraordinary demonstration of puppy heroism recorded on the home’s security camera, Remus swooped down in order to save the day.

The dramatic clip above was premier time shared by Smokey’s master, Reddit user blackandwhitechecker. She told The Dodo that her family was motivated by watching the clip after seeing Smokey absolutely wet because they know he’s not a fan of swimming.

«When we saw the footage, we were astonished and our hearts filled with happiness,» she said. «My closest companion (Remus’ master) was crying as soon as we sent him the clip. He says he is currently a certified lifeguard.»

Smokey is undoubtedly very thankful to have such a good fellow in Remus.

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