A crow became the couple’s new family member,although he lived in the wild

A grateful crow, who came back to hug his rescuers

One day Diane and his fiancee were cleaning their patio, when suddenly they saw several crows coming.They went to investigate and saw the little crow lying on the ground.

After seeing him the couple considered to take him in, treat him and release to the wild.”We fed him every half and hour and kept warm in a garbage can with newspaper, water and grass.

They cared for him and named him Yoyo.He appeared to be ready to went back to the nature.Although they were sad to release him, but they were happy he was returning to his family and they wished they would meet him one day.

And just a day and a half later their wish came true.The couple was at the balcony, when Yoyo appeared from the trees all pf a sudden.He appeared to be grateful to them for rescuing his life and hopped and hugged them.

Now Yoyo visits them almost every day.He considers them as his family, although he lives in the wild.

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