A very rare moment captured on a camera,where the lion plays with his kids

Unusual behaviour of lions with their kids

What associations do you have when thinking of a lion?The gorgeous mane and roar are unquestionable.These adorable big animals have rules, even for their kids.Usually they don’t play with their kids, although there are always exceptions.

A lion father will stoop down after meeting his kid for the first time.The male lion went back and tumbled his head, until his mate corrects him.These are real, although unusual.And happily these unusual moments were captured and they immediately became popular on the Internet.

And the photo below is another presentation of these wild kings.It can take many amusing and encouraging messages.Lions wandering in packs in the park.A photographer named Rosie was able to capture this image when she was on a vacation to watch animals.

She was amazed by the couple’s “unusual” behaviour. But soon she took her came and captured their image.This is an adorable experience!Sometimes we forget, that these gorgeous animals live in the same planet with us.

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