A caring owner organized a photoshoot for her pregnant dog

A distinctive photoshoot for a dog during her «fragile state»

Almost everyone, who have kids knows how important it is to capture all the valuable moments you spend with them.We think, that after some time the photos may help us remember all the funny and wonderful moments with our babies when they grow up.

The photographer helped new mothers in sharing their parenthood.And when one of her customers called, she considered it would be like her other tasks.

But after talking to the woman she understood, that this case is different.The one for a photoshoot was her dog.

The woman told:«I didn’t have canines or puppies and thought my child should see this».And at the time of the photoshoot the dog was already a month and a half pregnant.The owner wanted to capture the latter stages of her dog’s pregnancy.

The photographer told, that she had never worked with puppies before, but she liked her job.

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