A large number of people are captured by the wonderful appearance of this sweet cat  

What a magnificent moustache!

If you have never seen a cat with an amazing moustache, meet Gringo, a two years old cat, who is a star on social media for his unique appearance.

The little wonder lives with his caring owners  named Romain and Sabrine in France.

Gringo is very active and energetic and loves to play all day. He is very funny and makes everyone around him happy.

The catty enjoys to eat delicious meals, even when they belong to his owners.

When the couple adopted Gringo, they had already had another cat.

The three months old kitten gained their attention at once when they saw his photo on social media. It was love at first sight and the parents were sure that he would be a great companion for their cat Milko.

They made a right decision, because Gringo became a loving friend for Milko and they built a very strong bond.

Now these two beauties are inseparable and enjoy being together all day. They adore and support each other in every situation.

Now Gringo has a great number of followers on Instagram and is quite famous for his amazing moustache.

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